Sites I swear by

All the sites I use for my videos and travels. How I organize my hit list. The next “Bali.” When you need some buffer time, and just want to get away to think. How I find interesting adventures to go on in other countries. The all-in-one resource.


Flights & Frequent Flyer

Find out immediately which cities you can go to with a nonstop flight. Multi-trip itineraries. Airline alliances. Business expensing trips. What earned miles and points can get you. When booking premium cabins makes sense. Global Entry + PreCheck. Duty-free. VAT. Lounges. Buses and trains. Why am I tired on planes? Turbulence. Jetlag math. Arm all doors and crosscheck.



eSims. Dual Sims. Having two phones activated at the same time and why you would ever need to do that. VPNs. Online numbers. SMS stuff. Country codes. 2FA when you’re abroad. Apps on my phone. What apps to look up when you land in a new country.


What to look for when you’re buying a suitcase. 20+ items I always pack. How to tie your cords so they’re not one big ratty mess. Natural remedies I’ve picked up around the world.


Swaps, Stays, & Sublets

AirBNB hacks and things I always consider. Long stay sublet and swap alternatives that don’t suck. Website translation. Luggage points. Hotel collections.


& Security

Attempted muggings. Known scams abroad. Emergency numbers. Registering with the embassy abroad. Travel advisories. VPNs. Robber-proofing your iPhone.



Travel vaccines and travel clinics. What to expect when going to the doctor abroad. When to get travel insurance. Universal healthcare. HSA.


Passports & Papers

Double page passports. 20 cent photos. What countries can you go to visa-free? Types of visas. Dual citizenship. Schengen math. Embassies and consulates. Immigration lawyers. Marriage.


Moving Abroad

Storage, Zip codes. Credit scores. Mail forwarding. Virtual mailboxes. Why your home state matters. International Driving Permits. Voting from abroad.



Opening a foreign bank account. Currency conversions. Sending money abroad. ATM card fees. Expat tax terms you should know. Filing taxes abroad. FIRE calculator.



Remote work job boards. International-adjacent jobs. Seasonal, temporary positions. Coworking. Coliving. Teaching English.