The only French you've spoken in your life was when you were 8 years old singing Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi. You still say Ooh là là when you're impressed, but haven't learned that most French people say it when they're annoyed. And you didn't know that hors-d'œuvres was a French word (or spelled like that).

Your name might as well be Emily, cuz every time you go to Paris, your French is as basic as that beret you bought in the metro for €5.

Learn to speak French like an actual French Person
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French Level 1 

00. Bienvenue to the French Language
01. Greetings: Never forget to say Bonjour
02. ER Verbs: You're gonna have to take these Frenchies to the ER cuz your French is about to be sick
03. Longer Sentences: Speak like a real human
04. Negation: The French art of saying non
05. Questions: The answer will still be non
06. You: Letting people know the who, where, and what
07. Gender: She's here to stay
08. Pronunciation & Alphabet: Lots of letters, and none are pronounced (but at least it looks pretty)
09. Numbers 0-1000: 70 is where life gets fun
10. Time, Days of the Week, & Months: It's all a construct anyway
11. Possession: Taking what's yours
12. Annoyingly necessary irregular verbs you must master
13. In, at, on & Geography: Cuz you can't be in if you can't figure it out
14. This, That, and the other: it's like this and like that and like this and uh...
15. IR Verbs: The IRritation begins
16. RE Verbs: Prepare for a shit show. They're REdiculous and pREblematic.
17. Comparatives & Superlatives : Doing the Most 101
18. Direct Objects: Getting directly to it
19. Qui, Que, & all your questions
20. The end of the beginning (of Level One)



I bought both courses in order to really get down to the basics again. It was so much more fun to learn on your own, when you have a professor like you with a personal touch - the homework, songs, your stories etc made it a lot more enjoyable and I’ve never learned French this way. It’s really a good combo and made me so motivated to learn more. I was looking forward every time! I am taking a french test this summer in order to study in Paris so this was much needed. Merci, Damon.


I bought the Intermediate - Advanced course and I can't say enough about how great it is. I've been learning French on and off for YEARS! 6 to be exact. I just had trouble taking my French to the next level and learning to develop my personality in another language. Damon helps with this so easily. At first, I was nervous that the course might've been too advanced, but I stuck it out and my ear was able to naturally adapt to finally understanding everything without subtitles. His teaching style through the videos, the homework assignments, and even the extra credit all helped me finally feel confident in my French!


Never thought learning French can be this fun! Definitely got more than what I've paid for from the full bundle course, learning not just French but also how to use it in real life situations, without losing your personality. Just go for it, vous ne regretterez pas!