Survival Guide for French Small Talk & Awkward Situations 

Learning French is one thing. Learning how the French really speak is another.

With a few quick vocabulary switches and native expressions you should probably know, we'll get your French sounding even more...well, French.

︎︎︎ 11 Pages of Key Vocab

︎︎︎ 1 Hour Workshop

In this guide: 

︎ Survival Guide to French Small Talk & Awkward Situations (11 Pages)
︎ Why you're so nervous (1:30)
︎ It’s been so long! How are the kids? (5:31)
︎ C'est clair & C'est chaud - how to not be stuck saying Je comprends all the time (5:59)
︎ No joke, no lie, no cap (7:37)
︎ How to leave a conversation when it’s boring (4:23)
︎ There is no good translation for the word "awkward" in French (5:01)
︎ Speaking on the phone (2:49)
︎ When you're approached by an activist on the street asking you to donate 1 cent to save the world (3:40)
︎ How to survive a French soirée: Just learn the lyrics to Désenchantée (9:32)
︎ Stop reducing yourself with "Je parle pas bien français" cuz yes, you do (5:03)

+ 5 part mini email series including:
  • French cheat sheet for real-life scenarios
  • Tips to learn French w/o getting off the couch
  • My love affair in Montréal
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