In 3 hours

get set up for success, i will hold your hand and walk you through:

  • leave w a pre chsck interview global entry
  • notion pages to reference w numbers like frequent flyers
  • leave knowing which airlines leave from ur hometown and where u can go direct flight (the cheapest).
  • leave w a trip on the books (use the envelope method for six months amd start local if u have to - to this day one of my favorite trips was taking my dad’s car, and I drove to the south of Indiana and I stopped in two different cities that I never even know existed the entire time I lived there.) but wy you should care about status (or say who should care about status and who doesnt - like when it matters).
  • leave knowing where u need a visa and where u dont.
  • leave knowing how i do this
    add the global citizen course that in the workshop, they will get all their frequent flyer points, set up and bookmark all of the websites I’ve used for years and do a few flight simulations, and what I would do
  • The exact products I used when I got stomach, flu and guatemala, stomach, flu and Bali a UTI in Brussels


Safety & Security

Tech, Phones, SIMs

Health & Wellness

Passports & Visas



Teen + Elderly

Hotels + AirBNBs

Flights + Frequent Flyer

Mindset, Pros, Cons

DN + Work + Things to do

Who is this for?

  • People wanting to optimize their travels
  • People who like my videos and want to travel like I do
  • People who want to get smarter about travel
  • write something like “come with your itinerary and develop it through this course, applying what you learn in real time.” ill guide you through a trip im taking and exactly what id do.