How to Flirt, Fall in Love and F*ck in French

How to Flirt, Fall in Love and F*ck in French

Let's not act like your first words in French weren't “Voulez vous coucher avec moi?” (Do you want to sleep with me?). This workshop is for those who are trying to dabble in foreign tongues - both in French and in people - and need to know juicier vocabulary than just "un croissant, s'il vous plaît."

︎︎︎ 19 Pages of Key Vocab


All the boring conversation starters people will use on dating apps, plus how to be smooth with sentences like "Wait, you look really familiar? Do we know each other from somewhere?"

Falling in Love

How to ask someone to marry you, how to call your boo "babe," and then how to break up with them shortly thereafter.


All the words your French teacher would have been fired for: what to say before sex, during sex, and after sex.

︎︎︎ 1 Hour Workshop

In this guide: 

︎ How to Flirt, Fall in Love, and F#ck in French (19 Pages)
︎ Putting the romance in romance language (3:23)
︎ La sexualité & the art of sédick, I mean -duc, tion (11:07)
︎ "Tu cherches quoi" & Other ways to kill le mystère of romance before it even starts (12:02)
︎ Slightly cringy, but kinda cute words to call your "partner" (5:41)
︎ Sparks are flying...no really my Electricity provider just called me. The male equivalent of mistress? / Will you "spouse-me?" (4:16)
︎ How to piss me off in French: Ask me "tu fais la gueule?" (3:27)
︎ Vagina is masculine. Dick is feminine. (3:31)
︎ French Foreplay 101 & Jean Paul Gaultier sent me a condom (4:41)
︎ "J'ai envie de toi" and other sentences that will get you all HOT and bothered (5:45)
︎ Ça fait mal & other things to say when it's just not good (2:33)
︎ Doctolib & How French health care work (3:14)
︎ Getting tested, la pharmacie, & pregnancy tests (10:20)

+ 5 part mini email series including:
  • French cheat sheet for real-life scenarios
  • Tips to learn French w/o getting off the couch
  • My love affair in Montréal
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