Travel, but simplified

Very dry, complex topics broken down in fluent Damon Dominique-ese.

Site walk throughs

The sites I have used for years – from how I find dope locations for videos to how I navigate ridiculous airfare.


Things that don’t apply to me, but that might apply to you. 

Straight to
the point.

The year is year 2024 and people have the attention span of gray dwarf hamsters, so 90% of the videos are 1-5 minutes.

Do it on mobile
(if you want).

Watch it on the bus, at the beach, or in bed.

An “OK wait, what was I supposed to do?” flow chart

For those who didn’t bother taking a page of notes, I provide an action plan in the final module.

Accountability emails

...to keep you on track 2 weeks and 2 months from now. You’re still gonna have to open that email though. 👀