If you were to check my DMs, you’d see 99.9% of people ask me
where they should go in [insert city here], so I created these Google
Maps with every last place I would actually recommend you to visit.

Who is this for?
• People who are going to _____ and don’t know where to start.
• People who hate doing this shit.
• People who like the style of places I go in videos + social media. and don’t want to watch my Story or videos like a hawk to bookmark every last place.
• Me (I literally use these)

How does it work?
You will get a link to a Saved List on Google Maps and a How to Guide, walking you through how to turn it on, hide other maps, etc.

Have you been to these places?
90% places that I personally visited and would return.
10% places that were on my list but that I didn’t have enough time to get to (clearly marked with a “Was on my list”).

What’s in these lists?
Vegan spots, good coffee, art exhibits, cultural centers, quirky bookstores, techno raves, thrift stores, nice spots to go on a date, quieter, “secret” kind of places.

What if this isn’t for me?
Google Maps doesn’t have the functionality to remove you once you have the link, so there are no refunds.

Why this pricing?
  • Lists are by continent.
  • The list keeps expanding over the years.
  • Probably still cheaper than that bad restaurant you’re about to walk into in London and waste your money.
  • You get a same-value credit for the upcoming 2024 travel course. By the way, what would you like to learn?

More questions?
Get in touch courses @ damon dominique . com