All the standard grammar you need to form coherent sentences, but also nonstandard street slang you wouldn’t learn anywhere else.

We’ll also cover the strategies I used to get fluent, and advice like where you can probably skip, and what you should focus more on instead.

+ Do it on mobile or desktop

References French people will know

Your French is still gonna suck if you don’t know anything about French culture – so I’ll walk you through things you should know so you’re not clueless in a room full of French people (like cult movies and lyrics every last drunk French person will be singing as they run to the dancefloor).

+ Updated resource list of my favorite French movies, podcasts, sites, and Spotify playlists


I’ve lived in Paris for years and can tell you where you’re gonna get confused as an English speaker, so I created exercises and quizzes to place you in realistic scenarios...where you tend to freeze up.

2 Minute  Recaps, AI, & Notion

We’ll use technology where it makes sense, so that means TL;DR emails recapping what even happened in that last chapter, duplicating the entire course into your Notion, and learning how to use ChatGPT to boost the French you can learn.