Mara List

I am such a chaotic learner but your course helped me to always come back and learn things with humor and therefor make it exciting. I've been living for several month in spanish speaking countries but somehow I was always to lazy to do a course. I picked up a lot of Spanish already but I just miss basic concepts of grammar the structure and my confidence in the language. You are helping me a lot! I always come back to your course because it is fun and feels easy even though you explain complex things. Somehow I feel like I am learning English and Spanish at the same time (I am german). And my peruvian boyfriend is already impressed by the results. We move to Argentina in a few weeks so I will be able to put everything I am learning into practice. Gracias Damon! 

Marcus Stefan

I liked the structure and how the grammar is well explained… and simplified. I also like the way Damon is mixing both English and French/ Spanish… this makes the transition smoother.

Madi Olson

After studying spanish education in university and living in spain for two years, i found myself with day-to-day fluency but lacking understanding of formal rules. before heading back to the US to teach spanish, this course reeeaally helped me to brush up on the nitty gritty in order to be fully prepared to fill the brains of our youth with spanish spanish spanish !!
Niya Broveak

Before enrolling in Damon’s Spanish course, learning a second language was always on the to-do list. However, I was stuck in the loop of wanting to, and then never falling through, or losing the drive to stick to it. Damon makes language learning fulfilling. You can work at your own pace, from wherever you feel inspired. I recommend any of Damon’s courses to anybody looking to learn a new language flexibly (while having hella fun)!

“The travel YouTuber Damon Dominique’s foreign language courses, for instance, are full of funny and beautifully edited videos in which he teaches students conversational French or Spanish, interspersed with entertaining stories about his escapades hitting on men at European raves.” GO


I don't know why I decided to choose your course. Perhaps it was the price as well as being clear to what the platform may deliver compared to other ways of online learning. I have found when I took to it with daily focus, it called upon my self learning skills a lot since I did not have any of the books. I appreciate having a clue about 'por' and 'para'. No big boyfriend showed up...however living in Mexico, it is a practical course for learning formal language as well as daily communications.

“Students say he is way easier to learn from than their professors. "They go to class, and then watch my videos to be like, 'Alright, how do I actually do this?'" Dominique laughs, "People want to learn from real people who've done it, that they can relate to and see themselves in.” GO

I bought the Spanish bundle for both courses, and it has honestly been such a blast learning Spanish with Damon in such an engaging and convenient format! Damon has the gift of teaching Spanish with personality (and the way it’s actually spoken - shout-out to his infamous Tinder screenshots during the lessons 😂) and he even manages to teach complex grammatical principles without being dry. His little karaoke sessions for each class and the tarea helped encourage learning in a fun and interactive way, so that I could practice some of the tenses and other grammatical principles I’d just learned without any extra effort! I love that I was able to learn the kind of Spanish that I could immediately use in restaurants, on the streets, with strangers, or with friends. I genuinely looked forward to spending time with Damon during each lesson since it felt kind of more like a fun hangout rather than a formal classroom lol, which made it easier for me to maintain and make a regular part of my daily routine. ¡Muchísimas gracias por todo, Damon!

Victoria Ortega

I took French up to a C1 level in college, and while that was helpful for really perfecting my knowledge of French grammar, I was tired of flipping on a Netflix show to watch in French and not understanding what was going on because at least 60% of it included slang terms I was never taught. Damon’s French courses were able to help me review grammar from a fresh and new perspective, but also taught me a bunch of slang and expressions that I desperately needed ASAP in order to feel in any way more confident and fluent in French. Because of his French courses (and now his Spanish courses that I’ve just finished!), I was able to get my knowledge of both languages at such a level that I was actually able to secure a dream job in translation now where I specialize in both languages. Damon, I owe you HUGE for making these courses both fun and informative for my sleepy self prioritizing them at 5 in the morning each day to ensure I got my language practice in 😂 I can’t recommend them highly enough - Damon knows what he’s talking about!!