“Puedo ir al baño” is all you can remember from high school Spanish, and that’s great, because it’s probably the most useful phrase anyway.

You secretly miss putting upside down ¿ all over the place, writing haha as jaja, and being referred to as your Spanish name which was probably Carmen or Diego. From one gringo to another, por favor let me help you with that Spanish.

Learn to speak Spanish like an actual Spanish person
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Spanish Level 1

01. Intro to the Spanish language
02. AR Verbs: The ARt of speaking Spanish
03. “To me it pleases the Spanish” and other odd things you have to learn to say
04. Negation: Just say no
05. Questions: ¿WTF is a ¿?
06. Ser y Estar: To be or not to be. I want this "to be" over
07. Gender: She's here to stay
08. ER & IR Verbs: Cuz you're nevER done conjugating
09. Pronunciation & Alphabet: If you see something, say something
10. Los numéros 0-1000: ¿Por qué no los dos?
11. Time, Days of the Week, & Months: Ahorita
12. Possession: Mi casa es su casa
13. ¿Dónde est--we already know where the library is...
14. This & That: it's like this and like that and like this and uh...
15. Present Continuous: I’m talkING over here
16. Comparatives & Superlatives : Doing the Most 101
17. Direct Objects



I bought the Spanish bundle for both courses, and it has honestly been such a blast learning Spanish with Damon in such an engaging and convenient format! Damon has the gift of teaching Spanish with personality (and the way it’s actually spoken - shout-out to his infamous Tinder screenshots during the lessons 😂) and he even manages to teach complex grammatical principles without being dry. His little karaoke sessions for each class and the tarea helped encourage learning in a fun and interactive way, so that I could practice some of the tenses and other grammatical principles I’d just learned without any extra effort! I love that I was able to learn the kind of Spanish that I could immediately use in restaurants, on the streets, with strangers, or with friends. I genuinely looked forward to spending time with Damon during each lesson since it felt kind of more like a fun hangout rather than a formal classroom lol, which made it easier for me to maintain and make a regular part of my daily routine. ¡Muchísimas gracias por todo, Damon! 🫶🏻